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Brought my dog in for nail trim - staff did a great job keeping him calm and getting the job done quickly. Highly recommend.
Awesome experience. They handled my timid little nipper with great care.
The staff all seem to really like dogs and enjoy grooming them. They are also good to the owners. Our dogs seem much less stressed when we pick them up than at other places When I walked in they were getting extra loving and petting which they like a lot.
I have nothing but great things to say about Hippie Hounds Grooming. I have two dogs, one is a rescue who is still a bit nervous and fearful of being hurt by people, and a mini poodle who is almost 3 but still very wiggly. I feel 100% confident that the owners and staff who bathe and groom my dogs will be gentle and kind. The poodle does need to have appointments where two people work on him at the same time, and the very fact that the owners allocate specific appointments for dogs who want to "help" :), or have special needs, shows that they care about the welfare of the dogs in their care. My dogs always look and smell fabulous when I pick them up, and they aren't traumatized. Neither are the groomers! Added to all this greatness, the front-desk staff are always friendly, efficient, and helpful too. It's wonderful to transact with people who are genuine, kind, and appear to love what they do. We are very grateful to have found Hippie Hounds!
Fitting me in on a cancellation. A lot of businesses/medical places say they offer that service but really don’t. I also like the little scarves and the fact that my two dogs get to stay together in the kennel.
I saw smiles on many of the staff which indicates to me that everyone gets along well and enjoys working there. If the staff is happy the dogs will feel more relaxed too and not so anxious about the grooming process.
I have a hard time with one of my dogs anal gland. I use the self wash but had to ask for help from staff. I felt bad for interrupting their work. But they happily accommodated me. The gentleman was great with my freaked out hound. And was able to express those tricky glands. Very grateful. Wish I remembered his name to thank him properly.
My dog has never been so calm at a groomer. In fact all the dogs were calm. They know dogs well and take so much care.