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Nail Trimming

Does your dog experience anxiety with nail trims? You've found the right place!

Dog Nail Trim

Our convenient nail trimming service is always done as a walk-in with no appointment needed. 

We charge $20.

Every service includes clipping off excess length as needed followed by filing with our dremel tool. In certain cases a manual file may be used also.

We specialize in dogs who have a history of nail trimming issues. Our staff works as a team and your pet will be held if needed and supported throughout the service . We even allow you to be involved by being there with your pet for comfort.

Did you know dogs need their nails done once a month so that their quick does not grow longer? When we use our filing tools, we can help the quick stay at a healthy length and prevent secondary issues as your pet ages.

Please call us if you have any questions or are curious about quieter times.