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Our grooming prices vary by breed, coat type, coat condition, and behavior. For the most accurate quote, please bring your pet in to see us. If calling over the phone for a quote, we ask that you know your dog's breed and weight. You can send us a picture also! As with all quotes, the price may change as a result of findings during the groom.

Absolutely! If you are coming in for a self-wash, it is recommended that you call ahead just to make sure that there is a tub available. If you're planning on coming in for a full-service groom, our groomers are well versed in dog behavior and are fully capable of dealing with aggressive dogs. Some dogs may require us to make the appointment during our special needs day on Tuesdays.

We use an effective method of state-mandated cleaners that are disinfectants, along with Staphylocidal, Pseudomonacidal, Virucidal, Fungicidal and Mildewcidal. Our cleaning procedures include wiping down the table between pets and disinfecting and cleaning all grooming tools we use. We also make sure to mop the floors every night! This amount of cleaning also helps to keep pests away, particularly fleas.

At this time we do not offer any cat grooming services. We would like to refer all cat grooming related inquiries to City Kitty in Edmonds or Cats Exclusive vet in Shoreline.

Self-Wash, nail clipping/filing, ear cleaning and toothbrushing are all walk-in services. There's never any appointment needed. If you are curious when the best time to come is, we recommend you call the shop with any questions. We do require appointments for any grooming or haircutting services. 

Your dog spends their days waiting for you. They wait for you to get home every single day. Grooming day is your turn to wait for your dog! Please do not double book yourself so that other appointments may conflict with your pet's pick up time.

Currently we charge a $30 daycare/boarding fee per pet that has not been picked up within one hour of our phone call letting you know that we will be done.

We do not use kennels to keep or store pets, which means that we have limited kennel space. In order to avoid these boarding charges, please be sure to request special accommodations when making your appointment. At check-in you will receive an approximate finishing time and we will call you if we need either more time or when we are about finished. 

We will accept a veterinarian's excuse from vaccines only from a licensed vet and signed and dated. This is typically done when a pet in vet's care will have potential harm come to them due to typically age or illness. We ask that all pets are current on all state-mandated vaccinations, even if you are coming to use self-wash. We require proof for all full-service appointments and will make no exceptions if a dog is expired with no vet's recommendation. 

Our kennels are usually used when the pet is first dropped off for a short acclimation period and when waiting for a groomer once their blow drying has been completed. 

We never use kennel or cage dryers on ANY pet!

All of our animals are completely hand blown dry, especially with the increase of tragic accidents being seen at many grooming salons across America. We absolutely refuse to use kennel dryers at our salons.

Dogs are naturally den creatures, so when you give them their own space away from everything, it gives them a chance to calm their nerves. Many dogs are calmed when given their own safe area. However, we do offer an express service for $30 per pet that would decrease the groom time and have your pet get started and worked straight through without going into a kennel. If you choose to add an express on, PLEASE be sure you are within 15 minutes of the salon at all times so you can pick your pet up immediately when we are done.