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Self-Service Baths

Four private work stations at our Lynnwood location - You will be safely socially distanced!


Our pricing is based on the weight of your pet:


  • SMALL - $20

Less than 30 pounds

  • MEDIUM - $25

31 to 70 pounds

  • LARGE - $30

70+ pounds

Self-Wash Add-Ons:


  • Nail clipping and filing - $10
    • Walk in nail trims - $20
  • External anal gland expression - $10
  • Teeth brushing - $10
  • Ear cleaning free upon request. 

We include ALL shampo and conditioner with the bath, even flea and medicated. 


You don't have to bring anything but your dog! We supply you with towels, all brushes for all coat types, nail clippers, shampoo/conditioner, and ear cleaner with every bath. We do not take appointments, it's all first-come first-serve!

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