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Amanda: "I started grooming in 2010 in Puyallup, WA. I've since worked in Bellevue, Federal Way, and on Alki Beach.


My favorite part of grooming is getting to see all the different breeds personalities. 

I really enjoy grooming herding dogs, pomeranians, poodles, and terriers.


Training is a huge part of grooming as well, and I like to emphasize training inside and outside of the salon.


I'm very understanding of pets with special needs also. I believe in rescuing dogs as it saves a life!"

About Us

Amanda, Aaron and Anna all have had a lifelong passion for dogs. The three met through grooming and made a commitment early on to open up a salon with all of the ideals that they felt a lot of salons lacked.


Although Hippie Hounds Lynnwood was their first salon, the trio have worked in salons all over Western WA, from down in Puyallup, to Renton and Bellevue - leaving them with many differing skills acquired from these areas.


The three have combined these skills and between them anything is possible! They have the resolution to always provide the best services, and the patience and qualifications to give your pet an amazing grooming experience.

Although not all pets love being groomed, you can be assured that yours will be treated as a unique individual with their own needs when in our care.

Anna: "I started grooming dogs in 2007. I groomed mostly in the Puyallup, WA area.

In 2015 I had an opportunity to start my own dog-walking business called Anna's Pet Adventures. I was able to learn more about dog behavior this route and I bonded closely with my clients. 

My favorite part of grooming is being able to help dogs who may be scared or nervous during the experience gain trust and allow me to make them feel great.

I love grooming poodles and shedding-type dogs, although I do truly enjoy every breed.

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Aaron: "My first job was as a bather in a grooming salon when I was 14. I've worked in Des Moines, Renton, and a few shops in Federal Way, one of which I worked at for 4.5 years.


My favorite part of grooming is learning the technical haircuts and the reasons why all the breed haircuts exist as they are.


Terriers and sporting/hunting dogs are my favorite to groom. It's interesting to me that their breed standard styles are reflected in their lineage.


The history of breeds is very important as it gives you clues to why they behave in certain ways."

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